We love you WordPress! (and Matt’s bitchin’ jacket)

This past Tuesday I had the pleasure of attending WordPress’s 5-year birthday party.

I absolutely *heart* WordPress. Ever since I switched from Blogger to the WordPress platform, my blogging experience has gone from frustrating to fabulous. Both Chris Lynn and I use WordPress for our respective blogs (both of us for socialTNT and skrapnel, and flackette for my personal blog).

This blog is also hosted by WordPress. So I think it’s safe to say that SHIFT really loves WordPress a heckuva lot.

The party was held at THE tech party haven, 111 Minna in downtown San Francisco, and attracted many of the beautiful people of Web 2.0. In my humble opinion, it was quite possibly the best party I’ve been to at 111 Minna (and trust me, I’ve been to a few!).

Thanks to my buddy Andrei Zmievski for giving me the special “free drink” code. The Hoegaarden was amazing. Thanks to Terry Chay and Andrew Mager for taking some amazing pics.

And thanks to WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg for wearing what can only be termed a bitchin’ jacket. Yeah, it was that cool. See for yourself in the pic below.

Matt Mullenweg in his bitchin’ jacket

(“Matt Mullenweg, founder of WordPress” by magerleagues via Flickr under Creative Commons License)

Me with my good friend Larry Chiang from duck9 and Karim Tahawi from MyCurrency

(reposted from Terry Chay’s Facebook album; Flickr pics to be updated once up)

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