SHIFTers: Better at PR Than Softball

June 7, 2008 — 11:28 AM EST — by Amanda GravelAdd a Comment

Tonight I attended my first SHIFT “Benchwarmers 2.0” softball game here in Brighton. The team had a great attitude the whole way through, even though the opposing team was made up of absolute beasts who had less than courteous sportsmanship. SHIFT played like the great team we are, and although we didn’t win the game, we all agreed that we “win at life.”

Check out the new Flickr and Facebook groups for Benchwarmers 2.0 photos and footage. As often as I’m able, I’ll be at the games tweeting, taking photos, getting video, making Utterz and probably trying out other new social technologies to capture the softball experience.

We may not be the greatest softball players in Boston, but we have fun.

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