Bringing the Thunder – Bring on @GaryVee

June 23, 2008 — 10:22 PM EST — by Robert Collins

Last Thursday (6/19) was the much anticipated Gary Vaynerchuk Boston Book launch gathering. Hosted and promoted by the ever present Dmitri Gunn – the buzz about this gathering around the SHIFT HQ was amazing. The word of mouth about the event itself – led to increasing the size of the venue – landing us at the luxurious Hotel Commonwealth downtown Kenmore Square.

The Twitter community was in a fever about the show – with a seemingly new Tweet every other minute.

Why all the hype – why all the excitement? Because Gary has engaged his community like no other wine aficionado – leveraging his natural, gregarious, outspoken self to promote his TV Wine Library Show and new book, 101 Wines. Love him – hate him, you can’t deny is authenticity, passion and spirit.

Leveraging just about every Social Network and web 2.0 community engaging resource to build his brand – Gary has grown his family’s Wine Library business from $4 million to a $45 million enterprise – through Word of Mouth.

Here’s to you @garyvee – You brought on the Thunder and brought out Boston’s top social media savvy personalities to support and share in your success.

And when these new media communities gather – there is sure to be a ton of original and innovative content created to capture the moment – keeping it alive and moving forward.

Thanks to Steve Garfield for sharing his photos from the event.

Other great photostreams from the @garyvee Boston event

Doug Haslam (@DougH)

Shelley Greenberg (@thespottedduck)

Steve Hall (@stevehall)

And the most original work inspired by the event goes to Steve Garfield who unearthed some original Wine Library Theatre footage in this recently discovered film.

Wine Library Theatre with James Fritland

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