Twitter back, yo

In pub club this morning, I was reading ADWEEK and came across a full page color ad for Not your typical ad, but one that made me think twice. It reads: “Why is No.1: It gives you more content to twitter about.”

Now why you ask, did this make me think twice? Well it’s twofold really….1.)Even though I’m an active Twitter participant, I never expected such a mainstream brand to use it in a full blown advertising campaign and 2.) I find this to be so true and I’m not ashamed to admit it. And while we’ve seen CNN embrace Twitter (on air even), I would never expect them to name the micro-blogging site as the reason they are #1 in mobile news. 

But it’s that second piece that I really identify with. As a member of the Twitterati, I’ve found myself occasionally searching for content that I can tweet to my followers in an effort to gain some mindshare. I find that now instead of holding in my thoughts on the gems I read online, I’m sharing them with the community. And yes, a lot of my followers are fellow SHIFTers, but I think that makes it even better. We are challenging each other to think outside of the box and consume content we most likely wouldn’t have found on our own. It sparks conversation and lively debate in the office and I love it. So there you have it…. My thought of the day – now back to finding that perfect content to tweet about…

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