Mimosa Mornings

Usually I only drink Mimosa’s on days that begin with an “S”, so it was a bit unusual to find me at Mighty on a Wednesday morning (8 a.m.!) -but that’s where I was for the Rubicon Project/Powerset Rehab party. The kind folks there that figured with all the TechCrunch 50 partys going on the night before, that a little rehab was in order for the morning after. It was a great party that was pulled off in about three days by their respective teams at SHIFT.

Check out the well oiled machine hard at work.

The party was great, though it would have been better if I didn’t have to head in to work. But I was able to snag some pretty awesome swag – check out what was in the gift bags.

Lessons learned: Mimosa’s before work make you tired! Throwing together a party in 3 days is hectic, but doable.

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