Social Media Breakfast 9: Recap

Last Thursday morning I had the pleasure of joining fellow SHIFTers Bob Collins and Doug Haslam at Social Media Breakfast 9. I’ve been to a few of these events in the past, and always love it when I’m able to come back to hear some really interesting speakers, see some familiar faces and meet a few more awesome local social media folks.

Bryan Person originally started this breakfast series, which has exploded to cities all over the world, and has left some really big shoes for Bob Collins to fill now that Bryan has left for Austin, TX and passed the torch.  Thankfully our fearless leader stepped up to the challenge and put on another awesome event.

The theme of this event was “Starting Community Building Programs with a Reluctant Executive” and brought together Jaime Pappas of EMC, David Alston of Radian 6, and Peter Kim of the stealth Dachis Corporation to share some of their experiences dealing with executives and community building programs.

Thanks to EMC for sponsoring the event and keeping us all fed!

(Left to Right: Jaime Pappas, David Alston, Peter Kim and Bob Collins)

(Left to Right: Jaime Pappas, David Alston and Peter Kim)

Via Steve Garfield

Before the event, while sucking down an OJ and a chocolate chip muffin and talking to Maria Thurell and John Cass, John had asked us both what each of us was most looking forward to getting out of this event. Maria and I just looked at each other and smiled because I think we both knew the other had the same response. These events have always been more about meeting like-minded people, both presenters and attendees, than sitting quietly and learning from someone talking at you from the other end of the room.

While I have always been very impressed by the lineup of speakers that Bryan Person, and now Bob Collins, puts together for these events, it is connecting with familiar faces in the crowd that makes these events so popular and successful. Or at least that is the way that Maria and I see it.

Via Steve Garfield

There is yours truly hanging out right in the front row during the presentations.

The two things that stuck with me most were from David Alston and Peter Kim.

David talked about relating to executives by asking them what they would do if someone was on the street outside of your company’s building yelling into a megaphone “This Company Sucks!” How long would it take for your PR guy (or security) to come down and deal with them?

Ignoring the online community is just like ignoring the guy on your lawn, except when online, your megaphone is a whole lot bigger and louder.

Peter Kim talked a lot about making business sense of social media and the short lifespan of CMOs. CMO tenure is down to almost 23 months, about half that of an average CEO’s tenure. He also talked about the extra pressure on CMOs to justify the results of their spending and prove that marketing is actually delivering value to the business.

To check out other’s reactions to the event and what they got from it, check out the twitter stream for #smb9 or check out these posts from Peter Kim, Bryan Person, Gina, and Tangyslice.

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  1. 1 Maria October 23, 2008 at 10:08 pm

    Yup. I was there for the people 🙂

    But great people wouldn’t come to SMB if there weren’t great speakers. The standout moments for me are definitely the same ones that you mentioned in your post. I will definitely be using the loudspeaker example in the future!

    It was great seeing you!

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