It’s Halloween time!  Boston and SF have been doing some pumpkin carving and dress up.  Here are some highlights.

[We’ll be announcing the winner of the costume contest later today… check out all the pictures at our SHIFT group on Facebook.]



Cruella doesn’t look so bad there. 😉

Oh, look… it’s Sarah Palin… which is perfect because in the SF office, we also have a version of Sarah Palin.


San Francisco: [pictures courtesy of Jany’s Tumblr.]

Yes, she’s eating a baby.


Cuz… 🙂

In case you were wondering, the name is “Pimp… Pimp Crack-O-Lantern.”

The sucking-up-to-our-security-guard/judge pumpkin did not work… note to SHIFTers: it’s spelled O-Z-Z-I-E for future reference. 🙂

If there was a prize for ghetto-est, it would go to this pu’kin.


…And the winner’s for SHIFT San Francisco’s 2008 Pumpkin Carving Contest are…

Best Overall: Pimp Crack-O-Lantern

Most Creative: Sarah Palin Eating Baby

Scariest: Ding Dong, the Witch is DEAD!


Boston’s costume winner(s) coming up!

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