Pointy Hat & Ears

post by Jany Xu

Maybe it’s the fresh smell of pine in our SF office lobby or the gigantic Christmas ornaments next to the pyramids down the street,  I’m just feeling all in the ‘holiday’ spirit today.

No… no… I know exactly what it is: the fact that Dave just sent us the best elf video in life.  Apparently, OfficeMax and JibJab doesn’t allow us to embed the video, so click here to see it in action w/the music & all.  And yes, that (or really those) are all Parry Headrick, our vp of sales & marketing, doing the elf jig.  We love ya, Parry.  Keep on dancing…



In case you couldn’t make out the fine details in the first screencap… here’s an enlargement.  Ya… you’re welcome. 🙂



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