New Comm Case Studies, Take 1

post by Jany Xu

During our staff meeting today, several guinea pigs volunteers presented on case studies from the Society for New Communications Research’s Award Winners.


  • Share real world examples of traditional and Social Media strategies
  • Incorporate pertinent strategies and create proactive opportunities to better service our clients
  • Test the theory that if you don’t have a strong jaw line, you should not angle the camera from below… or maybe that’s just for me personally

Take a lookie… we’re aiming for informative & hilarious, and I think we did good.



First up, Marie Williams a la our PR agency and blogger for socialTNT and flackette.  Her case study delves into Couchsurfing International’s external communications strategies.


Sony PS

And yes, the second one is me, currently working furiously with our new New York public relations office.  My discussion focuses on blogging, transparency and what Playstation did when they fucked up needed to rebuild trust.

Answer: they rocked it!

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