What are you thankful for this year?


Another year closes and I feel like it blinked by.  Next month I’ll be celebrating four years with my SHIFT family (thank you, thank you).  Surprisingly, it still feels like it was yesterday when I entered the doors as an AC.  Now despite the years flying by and the Agency skyrocketing in the number of clients and employees, the one thing that has not changed is the key ingredient of SHIFT as a Company – heart.  Now don’t worry this isn’t a post about working hard and doing your darndest (that will come later), but instead I want to focus on a good group that seems to genuinely care about helping people (in this day and age too!)

Recently the Boston office engaged in a holiday drive for the folks at HopeFound Boston, a group that looks to “end homelessness, one person at a time, by providing programs and services that help men and women achieve self-sufficiency and secure permanent housing.”  In fact,  HopeFound serves more than 3,500 people each year, in Boston and across Massachusetts. With an ever gloomy economic forecast, this is one of many great causes people should keep an eye to during the holiday season.

Despite having just asked the folks for their help in a clothing drive last June, the Bean town faithful took the time to dig deep into their hearts, closets and wallets for warm clothes and food for those that truly need it. Thanks guys – keep up this selflessness and I may just make it another four years.
(***Warning, this is as nice as I get and will resume pranking you on an individual basis as soon as this post goes public.)


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