Don’t Be Typecast



2008 churned out some real gems from ye ol’ film industry.  The Dark knight, Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, Role Models, Quantum of Solace – the list of 2008 successes could go on for miles, or at least a few more sentences… However, I do admit I’m seeing a definite trend in repeat characters.


  • Christopher Mintz-Plasse, most famous for playing Fogel/McLovin’ in SuperBad is destined to play a nerd forever (See Role Models)
  • Seth Rogan of Knocked-Up fame (among others) will continue to play the funny stoner
  • Michael Cera, most famous for playing George Michael in Arrested Development will continue to be the uncomfortable nervous kid (see SuperBad again)
  • Tom Cruise will always be the love-able Nazi with a heart of gold (See Legend)
  • Vin Diesel will always be, irrelevant. (Oh Snap!)


These are just a few examples of actors that did a great job with a particular role and are then typecast to forever play that same part over and over again.  Now what’s scary is this doesn’t just happen in movies, it can happen in the workplace as well.  Don’t be typecast!


Anyone can do a great job at particular tasks with some hard work and enough attempts.  However, how many people want to do the exact same thing every day for the rest of their lives?  Not many.  If you want to break the cycle and be more than just “the Twitter guy,”  “the speaking opp guy,” the “Pitching guy,” or “the good proofer guy,” – you need to show you are a multifaceted member of your team.  

Speak up and speak often!  Whenever possible, offer insights or ideas that are outside of your usual work load.  Now, I’m not saying to step on toes or speak out of school, but if you have something to contribute – do it!  I know it sounds like I’m asking you to do more work here, and I am.  The more that you can show you know what you are talking about the more your team and your clients will take notice.


Go forth McLovin’ and good luck to you.


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