Live Tweeting at the Churchill Club

Post by Daisy Kong (SHIFT | SF Office)

So I attended the Chuchill Club panel at the Microsoft campus in Mountain View last night and tried my hand at live tweeting for the first time. Rather than getting into the nitty-gritty details, let’s just say that it was a good exercise in taking notes and finding interesting sound bites. However, I did want to share some good live tweeting advice that was passed on to me:

  • Set your hashtags upfront (e.g. #chc) so that your followers will know how to tag and search for tweets about your event.
  • Pace your tweets so that your followers will not be flooded with an update every 5 seconds. For @churchillclub, I tried to wait 2-3 minutes in between each tweet.
  • Remember to be transparent and identify yourself from the get-go if you are not using a personal Twitter account.

Any thoughts (or additions/subtractions) to these pointers? I’d be interested in getting some additional insight.

As for the event itself, last night’s “Starting Over” panel was a lively discussion on creating a start-up during an economic downturn. It was intersting to hear that many of the panelists agreed that now is the best time to be a start-up. This is because the current market conditions will force them to work harder, think more creatively and be frugal in running a company. This in turn will allow these startups to develop greater services/products that VCs will want to support. If you want to read more about what was said during the panel, check out the Twitter feed here.

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