A Slice of SHIFT – Ariel Sasso

You might know SHIFT as a Company, but what about the faces behind the scenes?  Join us Fridays as we give you a candid profile of one of our PR stars.  This week, we talk to SHIFT Boston Account Executive Ariel Sasso.

Ariel Sasso (@aksasso)

Ariel Sasso

SHIFT office:


Client focus/Area:

Everything! – B2B, B2C, start-ups, e-commerce, mobile apps, online video, social media, security; you name it, I’ve done it!

What is the best part of your job?

Meeting and working with so many smart people.  Not just my coworkers, but all the client companies creating innovative and unique products and services.  And the reporters and bloggers that work so diligently to understand their industry and its key players and then spend the time to dig into each individual trend and news story.  It really makes you want to do your job that much better when you are surrounded with so many driven and dedicated people.

What is your PR shining moment?

When a friend or family member tells me that they read about, heard or saw a clip about one of my clients in the news.  It’s great to be able to prove that what you do is real!

What brought you to SHIFT?

I grew up north of Boston, but went to college to in Virginia.  I always knew I wanted to go back to New England, the land of Dunkin Donuts.

As I was wrapping up my senior year and starting to look for PR jobs in the Boston area, I realized that none of my professors were in any way connected to the PR scene in Boston.  They had connections in VA, DC, MD, but nothing in Boston.  So I dug up the Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” issue and went through the list for PR firms, researching each firm and figuring out what I liked.  I think SHIFT was 11 on the list of 20, 11 is my lucky number.

Whose Tweets/Blog could you not do without?

I’m not sure if I couldn’t do without these, I probably could, but I’m going to take this opportunity to pimp them out…In terms of celebrity tweeters, I can’t get enough of Questlove (@questlove) from The Roots.  He’s a smart guy and it’s just so cool to get a glimpse into a world that you would not otherwise be able to see.  For example, when he was tweeting from the Grammys and I was watching the show live, it was interesting to be getting his real-time/real-life commentary while watching the shiny broadcast version. I also love the Amazon MP3 daily deals (@amazonmp3).  I’m proud to say that I buy all of my music and thus getting those daily deals is HUGE for my wallet.

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