A Slice of SHIFT – Alex Kirschner

This week on a slice of SHIFT, we talk to SF Sr. Account Executive & Operations Manager Alex.

Alex Kirschner (@AKirschner)

Alex KirschnerSHIFT office: Boston, NYC, or San Fran:

San Francisco

Client focus/title: Consumer, Security, B2B or Admin

My focus has been in B2B technology, particularly security, storage, email marketing and events/conferences. I’ve also had the opportunity to pitch cheese that was shaped in interesting forms – thrilling stuff. But I have a hybrid role here in SF, where half my time is spent on PR and the other half as the office manager. This allows me to have flexibility with my schedule so I can focus on my passion: acting! I’m pretty lucky to get to do both.


Seattle, which I think is way cooler than wherever you grew up 😉

What is the best part of your job?

I thrive on media relations, so the best part of my job is having a good story to pitch, going out with it, getting results and fortifying relationships with journalists in the process. But then again, it’s also gratifying when the story isn’t so good, but the team still gets results! Seeing something go from a pitch, to an interview, to coverage is addictive (okay, now I sound like a dork).

What is your PR shining moment?

This summer I was named to PRSourceCode’s Top Tech Communicators list based on a survey of 800 journalists from the IT and business press – the people I’m paid to pitch every day. Getting that kind of validation was the tops, and without a doubt the best day of my career thus far. Shameless plug: read about it here.

What brought you to SHIFT?

My friend Craig – his last name is “List” in case you haven’t heard of him. No…really! My road in finding PR was a little bumpy, with stops in the restaurant industry and recruiting along the way. But I knew from my college studies that PR was an interesting field that could keep me on my toes, so when I saw an ad for an internship at SHIFT, I crossed my fingers and hit “send.” Its reputation in the field was very attractive, and the staff I met while interviewing sold me. It has seriously been rainbows and butterflies since then and I couldn’t be happier.

Whose Tweets/Blog could you not do without?

I guess you can call me a headline chaser, so I don’t tend to read one particular blog or Twitter feed with any type of religious fervor, but instead read stories that have interesting topics. Three of my morning newsletters that I can’t live without, however, are the CNET News Daily Dispatch, eWEEK.com Securing the Enterprise and Network World Security Alert. The exception, of course, is PR Squared.

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