A Slice of SHIFT – Mimi Jonas

Time for New York to shine this week as we profile NYC Account Manager Mimi.

Mimi Jonas (@MimiJ)

Mimi Jones

Title: Account Manager

SHIFT office: NYC

Client focus/title: Consumer – everything from booze to online video!

Hometown: Wilmington, DE but haven’t been back since I was 18…Always considered NYC my home…even when I lived in SF and Boston. No disrespect.

What is the best part of your job? That’s a toughie…the best? Just one thing? Besides my kick-ass, rock star team (yeah that’s you TeamCarter)? I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people – professional, hilarious, unbelievably smart and creative…they set such a high bar, I try really hard to fit in with them! The rest of the SHIFTers aren’t shabby either, but I don’t discuss orange food products, ancient nicknames or obscure movie references with all of them!

So the second best part of my job – have to say I love calling reporters. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I like the challenge of turning a PR pessimist into a PR enthusiast. I find that building the best media relationship starts by picking up the phone. No matter how witty and well crafted an email pitch may be, nothing is more personable and sincere than the sound of your voice.

What is your PR shining moment? Let’s see, well, in my pre-SHIFT days I worked in entertainment PR (traveling the globe, dealing with unbelievable personalities (not only talking ‘bout divas here) and working on some top-notch events – I came out unscathed and still loving PR) and like any good publicist you stay in the background and let reporters, bloggers and photographers tell their stories. But it was always fun to open Variety or the San Francisco Chronicle and catch a glimpse of myself smiling back from the red carpet. Everyone must have been dying to know who that girl behind Renee Zellwegger was…

What brought you to SHIFT? Their reputation. A former SF SHIFTer, Julia Stemerman, wouldn’t stop raving about the place, the people and the clients. When I moved to Boston I had to see what all the fuss was about. I’m happy to report that everything was true, and even two years later, I’m still just as happy as when I started.

Whose Tweets/Blog could you not do without? I used to be a real WhatWouldTylerDurdenDo junkie, but the RSS feed doesn’t come through cleanly in my google reader, so now my free time is filled with http://cargocollective.com/learnsomethingeveryday, http://www.howtoeatacupcake.net/, http://newyork.timeout.com/section/own-this-city, Groupons and following – @JoshMalina, @MartinStarr, @rainnwilson, @robcorddry and @michaelianblack, @wwtdd – if you can make me laugh using 140 characters you make my top 5

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  1. 1 Elizabeth November 18, 2009 at 2:13 am

    Mimi – great interview. Wow, you really like working with us even AFTER you had the opportunity to work with big Hollywood types? As a member of Team Carter, I am honored! Just wish we could get you back in the Boston office, but our NYC crew is lucky to have you – we’ll have to settle for a more “virtual” Mimi.

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