A Slice of SHIFT – Cara Foley

Think you know Cara Ambrose Foley?  Think again.  Read on to learn a little more about this BC Grad, Kennedy enthusiast and Chinese food lover.


Cara Foley


Senior Account Executive



SHIFT office:


Client focus/title: Consumer, Security, B2B or Admin:

B2B! Currently, my clients focus on engineering, healthcare IT, and security.


Cohasset, Massachusetts

What is the best part of your job?

My favorite part of my job is meeting face-to-face with clients. In the day-to-day craziness of updating the weekly, pitching reporters, drafting a byline, etc., etc., etc., it can sometimes be challenging to keep the bigger picture at the forefront.

I love to be able to hear straight from the executive team, the sales force, the office manger, whoever, how they see, in ways large and small, the impact of the SHIFT’s hard work.

In my last role at a consulting company, I was constantly exposed to different types of companies – in various industries, of all sizes, and each with their own separate culture – and that’s something I continue to enjoy in my current role at SHIFT.

What is your PR shining moment?

I’ve been lucky enough to be on one of my current accounts since day one of my SHIFT career. Less than two years ago, the team was brokering introductions for the Company with the security trades, and, in the last couple of months alone, they’ve received a number of top-tier inbound inquiries from business publications. It’s rewarding to know that you had a direct hand in helping a Company take their awareness to the next level.

What brought you to SHIFT?

Mary Sullivan! In early 2008, I had decided I wanted to make a career change and Mary and I had a mutual friend who put us in touch. I sent Mary my resume to pass along, and, within a few weeks, I was sitting in the cube across from her.

Whose Tweets/Blog could you not do without?

@ariannahuff for entertainment and politics updates. I also love mrs-o.org, a blog started by a BC grad that follows Michelle Obama’s fashion choices.

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