PR 2.0 – “Tool Time”

PR 2.0 – “Tool Time” – Edition 1, December 15th

By Abby Snyder, Account Executive, SHIFT Communications
Twitter: @AbigailHS

Welcome to the first edition of “Tool Time,” SHIFT’s latest social media resource!  In the weeks that follow, we’ll be providing you with a run-down of the most relevant social media apps out there – what’s great about them, things to take into consideration and how to use them.  We kick things off with an analysis of Twitturly.

At the most basic level, Twitturly calculates the number of times an article or blog post has been re-tweeted.

This tool tracks and ranks the URLs people are tweeting about in real-time.  The site incorporates the links into “Twitturly’s Top 100” list (updated every 24 hours) and the more people tweet the same URL, the higher it’s ranked and viewed by more people – very similar to how Digg works.

Twitturly is a useful research and tracking tool, and is fairly user friendly.  I did a quick search for the term “supply chain” since I actually just wrapped up a supply chain social media audit, and was pretty impressed with what I got back.  Not surprisingly, there aren’t many supply chain trending links on Twitter, but there is definitely a conversation surrounding the industry.  Just a quick look gave me insight into some industry news being discussed, as well as relevant people I want to be following.

However, the best part of my research was that I instantly found this YouTube gem.  The Muppets cover Bohemian Rhapsody?  Animal yelling “Mama!”?  Can’t get much better in my book.

From a business standpoint, particularly for the B2B industry, Twitturly should be used with caution as there is no filter for inappropriate links.  I would also suggest ensuring the language choice is English (the language selection is in the top right-hand corner), or whichever language you prefer – otherwise you’ll get everything from Arabic to Thai tweets.

When I started playing around with the site a little more, I came to the realization that a real-time stream of the most popular links on Twitter is quite a bit of data.  Which means the search feature can be quite slow.  However, I do give Twitturly credit for the thought bubble that popped up letting me know to “Please be patient, this might take awhile,” otherwise I may have thought the site was down and would’ve given up. (I mean, I already found my Muppets video, what else do I need?)

In my estimation, Twitturly is worth the short wait I endured during my search.  I wouldn’t call it a “catch all” for doing research via Twitter, but it’s a great starting point to see what’s out there and what’s being discussed.  Plus, I found a great rainy-day Muppets video to refer back to!  Overall, I would give Twitturly 8 out of 10.  For more information on Twitturly, check out this post at too.

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  1. 1 Rachel Petersen December 15, 2009 at 7:34 pm

    This seems interesting & I will check it out. Thanks for posting. The “possibly related posts” are a little off, though…

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