A Slice of SHIFT – Suzanne Chan

Who knew motivation came from leftover pastries and cookies?  This week’s Slice of SHIFT features San Francisco SHIFTer Suzanne Chan.

Name: Suzanne Chan

Twitter: @Suzanne_Chan

SHIFT office: SF

Client focus/title:
I work on the B2B team with a current focus on storage, data governance, security and CRM/marketing. I heart technology. J

Hometown: I grew up in a little town called Alameda in Cali. No longer living there, but you can find me there every month visiting my hairdresser on Park Street. He’s the best. (Off topic, I know)

What is the best part of your job?
When there are leftover pastries or cookies from client meetings. What can I say, I love to eat! Just kidding, all jokes aside, I love getting results for clients – whether it’s coverage, fostering analyst relations or beefing up a customer reference program. There’s really nothing better than setting metrics with a client and working with the team to go above and beyond to knock it out of the park.

What is your PR shining moment?
Receiving positive feedback from clients and seeing measurable ROI on PR programs are two of the most rewarding parts of the job.

What brought you to SHIFT?
Craigslist! But of course, it was the wonderful team that I interviewed with that ultimately kept me here.

Whose Tweets/Blog could you not do without?
I read the Jennifer Beautiful Me Show religiously (I’m easily swayed. She bought me pizza for lunch and bribed me to continue her shameless blog plug on Slice, so I ate it and said OK). Anyhow, aside from her blog (which I read probably once every other month), I have Google alerts and TweetBeep set up for all of my clients so I can stay on top of their industry news. I’m their number one fan. J

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