To Lieutenants Sperry and Wesley, From SHIFT with Care

By Alex Kirschner

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Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” During the holidays, nothing rings more true.

It’s probably standard form for most businesses and organizations to give back to the community in some regard during these festive times – the “fortunate” helping those in need. And at SHIFT, there’s no exception.

Over the years, the San Francisco office has adopted families through the Salvation Army, playing Santa and providing gifts from a wish list for adults and children alike. The Boston office has held clothing and food drives, while the newly minted NYC office played their part this year by donating clothing and coats.

This year in San Francisco, we decided to pay it forward to those that spend their lives away from family and friends, abroad in foreign countries, protecting us each and every day. That’s right: those of us on the left coast put our efforts and cash towards troops in Iraq.

After our collecting efforts, we used the money to shop online from their wish lists; we were able to sponsor two military families through The first was Paul (deployed in Iraq) along with his wife Melissa and their children Tyler (10), Olivia (4) and Ella (1). The second was Larry (also deployed in Iraq) and his wife Jaresse alongside Kwan (8), Kwameer (6), Larese (4) and Larry (2).

Thanks to all the San Francisco SHIFTers for their impressive support of this charitable initiative, and kudos to Boston and NYC for also bringing the holidays to those in need!

Happy Holidays from SHIFT Communications!

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