Oh, I Get by with a Little Help from My PR Pro

By Liz Laneri (@Lizlaneri)

There is a misconception that you have to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on video production.  Not true!  

Wait, let’s back this up first.  While a lot of companies like the idea of including video, podcasts, blogs, etc. (the list can go on) within their PR program, some are reluctant to dive right in, especially when it comes to video.  Why?  Fear of cost and the messaging. 

In my humble five-plus-years of experience as a PR pro, I’ve had clients who like the idea of bringing a camera to the show floor and interviewing conference attendees or showing the ins and outs of their lab, but they don’t know how and think it needs to cost a sh*t load of mullah.  My response: All you need is a flipcam (or something comparable that costs about $200 or so) and a little help from your PR friend. 

To be honest, one of most favorite things I have done at SHIFT was creating a video for a new business prospect.  Here’s the (true) story:

A Boston-based start-up in the high-end condo market was looking to incorporate social media into their marketing program.  Before the meeting, the team discussed a few video ideas we could do in a short amount of time.  We wanted to showcase them at the new business meeting and demonstrate how these types of videos would translate into something we could do with/for them if we had the great opportunity of working with them.

I was tasked with developing one particular video about showcasing the South End and highlighting South End-ers, restaurants and retails stores.  For many reasons, I was psyched that I personally got to create this video.  I posted a message on my Facebook asking if any of my South End friends would be interested in being interviewed for the video.  I immediately got several responses and was off and running.  In just one weekend, I interviewed several people, asking them what they love about the South End and why they live there.  I also recorded several chefs and store owners about their experience in the South End.  Come Monday, I edited the recordings, added some music and created a three-minute video that basically said without saying it directly; that the South End is a great place to live and you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in Boston.  It was that easy.  And the prospect loved it, saying it was the type of thing he was looking for.

Every situation, company and budget is different – some may need a full video production team that utilizes an in-depth script, story board and weeks of recording and editing, while others may want to start small with a modest budget.  In that case, ask your friendly PR firm for help with the flip cam and messaging.  Starting small doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing quality, especially if the content is there and the intention is right.

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  1. 1 Amy Bernstein February 2, 2010 at 1:05 am

    Hi Liz!

    This is a great post! It’s very exciting that some of your high tech clients are embracing these new types of content creation and social media. It also sounds like a very fun project!

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