Not so GooGoo over Oovoo

By Stephanie Bullis

With a name like Oovoo, it’s hard to believe that this tool is actually a valuable resource for business professionals. Oovoo, which advertises itself as a leader in video and audio communication, is essentially a multi-user video conferencing solution that incorporates video and text chat with up to six users. It also allows users the ability to embed video chat into blogs and social networks. Its multi-user video conferencing ability makes this tool an attractive option for both business and personal use, as it connects users with multiple people across the world, helping to stay in touch with colleagues, clients, family and friends.


Its ability to record and send video messages not only showed me how awkward I am in front of a camera and completely crushed any future Hollywood dreams of mine, but also proved how easy it is to create a simple video to share. Even for the non-tech savvy, its sleek and easy to navigate user-interface makes creating videos easy and offers a quick solution to jazz up an otherwise text heavy blog.  The software, available for both Windows and Mac users, offers an alternative to phone conferencing and provides telecommuting workers with more productive internal meetings and the ability to judge body language during important client meetings.


Although Oovoo advertises its free solution, the features that come with it are slightly limited. Users can opt to upgrade software to include more advanced capabilities; however, with the availability of free tools, the cost doesn’t seem to be justifiable. Also, unless you select an upgraded option, be prepared to be inundated with advertisements which detract from the user experience. Unlike other video conferencing solutions that operate through a Web browser, Oovoo requires users to download the software. Fortunately, once the software has been downloaded, users can share links to conferences that can be accessed via Web browser, however, that unlucky original downloader can look forward to a slow operating machine when the software is in use.


As a content creation tool this is about as basic as they come, but with its lack of editing capabilities and its price tag, I think there are better options available. If you’re looking for a two-way video conferencing solution I’d suggest trying this out, however, with the slew of other free tools out there like Skype, PalBee, SightSpeed I’d check those out before committing to any of Oovoo’s upgraded offers. Overall I give Oovoo 3 out of 5 Slices.

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