Seesmic Web Review

By Anonymous

You’ve probably heard about Seesmic, before, which recently launched an Android application, adding to their web, desktop and mobile platforms for Twitter account management.

As a happy TweetDeck user, I’ve thought about trying out Seesmic as an alternative platform for handling my Twitter account when I’m not on my work computer. For that reason, I decided to try the Seesmic web platform, which requires no downloading, and can be accessed anywhere simply by using your Twitter account to login on the Seesmic page.

The Good:

It took a bit of getting used to, but I liked the design and speed of Seesmic web. My favorite feature part of the UI: simply hovering over a Twitter user automatically brings up their profile within the browser window and several reply/follow options. It feels so much more efficient than

In terms of the dashboard design, you can either view your tweets in multiple column views (like TweetDeck), which is also helpful to organize when following trending topics, client accounts or other lists.

The Bad:

I wasn’t a fan of the way Seesmic Web handled direct messages- they are in a totally separate tab, which makes following them difficult.

Final word:

I’d absolutely use Seesmic Web as an alternative to because it adds a lot of functionality while still operating in your web browser. However, there are several drawbacks that would prevent me from switching over all together.

Rating: 3/5 Slices

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