Inside the SHIFT Studio

Casey Ibbetson

Newport Beach, CA

Where did you go to college?

How long have you worked at SHIFT?
1.5 years

Use four words to describe yourself
Goofy, Intelligent, Cheerful, Easy-going

What made you enter the PR industry?
Chance. I started as an intern after college not really knowing what I was getting myself into, but I’ve never looked back!

When you Google yourself, what’s the first thing that pops up?
LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter profiles. And, unfortunately, this random Facebook group my friend made as a joke four years ago called, “People Who Think Casey Ibbetson Needs To Change Her Picture.”

What blogs or Web sites do you ready everyday?
Yahoo! Shine (mostly to check my horoscope), eMarketer and Today Show site

What do you feel is your greatest personal success in PR thus far?
I’d have to say it was when I brought my manager to tears – happy tears of course! It was the best pat on the back I’ve ever received and the best motivation to keep working hard!

If there was a cocktail created just for you, what would you name it?
Chief Jungle Waterfall

Tell us something unexpected/surprising about you
I speak Spanish and am left-handed

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