Tool Time: Do you give a hoot about HootSuite?

By Justine Massiello (@jmassiello)

Image from HootSuite

I don’t know about you but I’ve wanted to be able to be in two places at once – which is exactly what HootSuite ( lets you do. This bad boy is perfect for the professional Twitter client, it helps you monitor keywords, manage multiple Twitter profiles, schedule tweets and measure your success. Also known as, everything and more that your client wants and needs from you.

The Good:

  • Its freeeee!
  • Tweet scheduling
  • Manages multiple twitter profiles
  • URL shortening and tracking
  • Monitors RSS feeds and send headlines out in your Twitter feeds automatically

The Bad:

  • Statistics – they are there but don’t always work
  • Functionality is not so clear at first glance – you’ve got to work with it to figure it out

Image from HootSuite


The Verdict:

  • I would highly recommend HootSuite to those who are in need of a successful Twitter campaign.  I love tools/applications for Twitter that schedule your tweets and shorten the URL.  It also saves you time and makes you look like a magician, what more could you ask for?

Overall rating: I give HootSuite 4/5 slices!

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