Inside the SHIFT studio: Puneet Sandhu

1. Name: Puneet Sandhu

2. Hometown: New Delhi, India

3. Where did you go to college: Delhi University/Boston University

4. How long have you worked at SHIFT: 9 months

5. Use four words to describe yourself: Amateur guitarist, book-lover, perpetually chaotic, and unusually talkative. (That’s eight words, oops.)

6. What made you enter the PR industry: My father. He runs a PR agency back home and I just grew up with the profession.

7. When you Google yourself, what’s the first thing that pops up: A dentist in California. I’d have wanted something more interesting, but oh well.

8. What blogs or Web sites do you read every day:,,,, And there’s a LOT of Twitter in my every day.

9. If there was a cocktail created just for you, what would you name it: OMG. After one of my favorite Usher songs and an expression I am guilty of overusing.

10. Tell us something unexpected/surprising about you: I once broke my hand punching a guy who was trying to outrage my modesty.

11. What do you feel is your greatest personal success in PR thus far? This is the biggest PR cliche but so true: managing 1,000 things in one day. You come prepared for 500 and during the course of the day, 500 more spring up. Going home with all 1,000 taken care of is a good feeling!

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  1. 1 Amanda November 24, 2010 at 4:53 pm

    The way this is phrased is amazing:

    “I once broke my hand punching a guy who was trying to outrage my modesty.”

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