Top 2010 Web Videos for Our Alien Overlords

By Mike Fearon (@mdfearon)

Much like our ancient ancestors’ cave paintings, the Web will craft a portrait of modern man. After life as we know it is destroyed and aliens descend to earth in hopes of learning what became of this once beautiful planet, they’ll no doubt discover the wonders of the Internet and all the tales that are left behind in our cavernous series of tubes.

 After scanning hours of video, the aliens will arrive at two conclusions:

  1.  Humans are an entertaining lot.
  2.  We should have eliminated these fools a long time ago.

 The Web videos time stamped 2010 will reveal our feelings on politics, music, sports and bed intrusion. Here are a few videos from the past year that will, for better or worse, shape our history:

Ben Folds’ Ode to Merton

Remember Chatroulette? Other than being a place to expose yourself or get daylights scared out of you for being a creeper, Chatroulette wasn’t bringing too much to the computer screen. Then Merton came along. Merton was a Ben Folds lookalike cruising Chatroulette looking to croon at his next connection. Merton’s improv skills and appearance made an impression and when Ben Folds caught wind, he started impersonating Merton at live events. It’s fun to see celebrities get inspired by regular people.

Matthew Showalter’s Game Changing Play


Living in the northeast, no one really gets excited about high school football unless you have a family member playing. Towns don’t shut down when the Friday night lights turn on. High school sports are not a hot topic on local sports radio. It’s just not our thing. However, it’s fun to get a glimpse of how excited local announcers can get during a high school football broadcast.

 Facing their first loss of the season, Batesville needed a miracle. That miracle came in the form of Matthew Showalter. AND THERE AIN’T NO FLAG!

Greyson Chance Covers Paparazzi

 I’m really happy that video was not easily transferred to the Web during my school talent shows. Mostly because we had a complete lack of talent; although, talent isn’t a necessary requirement for Internet stardom. We just would have been “fifteen-minute famous” for all the wrong reasons. In the case of Greyson Chance, a sixth-grader from Oklahoma, talent had everything to do with his video success. Greyson’s cover of “Paparazzi” exploded and in less than a month he went from school auditorium to Ellen DeGeneres. I’m going to start taking piano lessons.

Basil for Governor

Election years just got that much more interesting. There was no shortage of amazing political candidates making the Cyber rounds this year. Names like Phil Davison and Jimmy McMillan were constantly on our tongues, but Basil Marceaux emerged as a true man of the people. Hoping to emerge as the Republican candidate in the Tennessee Gubernatorial primary, Basil took to the local airwaves and promised to arm fellow Vols to the teeth, sell land for gas, kill criminals and get rid of those tacky gold-fringed state flags. Unfortunately, Basil didn’t get a chance to battle the fat cats at the state capitol, but he won our hearts and even released his own Christmas Carol!

Bed Intruder: North Carolina A&T Marching Band Edition

 The Bed Intruder entered the Parthenon of Internet videos. As such, it will be forever mentioned in the same breath as Grape Lady, Alabama Leprechaun, Whistler Tips and Latarian Milton. What separates this video series from the rest is the highly successful song remix that cracked the Billboard Top 100. More impressive, to me anyway, is the fact that college marching bands got in on the act and chose not to hide with the kids, wives and husbands.

 Since the number of YouTube videos is in the billions, I’m sure I missed a few. What are some of your 2010 favorites?

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  1. 1 allison January 4, 2011 at 1:48 am

    Great summary! God help the kid who was up on stage after Grayson.

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