NYC SHIFTers Bond over Board Games

By Emma Murphy (@E_Murphy)

This past Thursday, after a long day of working in the trenches to secure coverage on behalf of our clients, the SHIFT New York team congregated in our conference room over a Super Bowl-themed potluck spread and board games to have some fun and bond. The menu included pigs in a blanket, chicken wings, 7 layer dip and chips, pasta salad, corn bread, apple pie, a dessert dubbed “chocolate yummy,” and lemon squares.

Laughter was plentiful over a game of Apples to Apples. (Turns out that half of the team has a knack for the game, while half of us, myself included, were left wanting those elusive green, adjective cards.) The favorite match-up was when Reshma selected Marlesse’s “ex-boyfriends” card as the best descriptor for her card, “insignificant.”

From Apples to Apples, we moved on to SHIFTionary (read: Pictionary). Each of us picked a topic relating to our office life out of a cup and one by one attempted to communicate our pick to our teammates through whiteboard art. The room was in hysterics when Jenn drew the following. See if you can guess her topic. We certainly couldn’t. (I’ll reveal her topic at the bottom of this post.)

Jenn's turn to draw

To end the evening, birthday girl Nicole shared a very funny and very embarrassing story, which I won’t repeat here. You’ll have to ask her about it yourself.

Birthday girl Nicole

We left the office full of tasty food and with smiles on our faces. I’m in the midst of planning next month’s office outing, and this “inning” will be a tough act to follow.


What was Jenn drawing?

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