Tool Time: PicPick

By Emma Murphy (@E_Murphy)

This post is for all the account coordinators out there who are tasked with regularly scanning the Web for news about their clients and clipping relevant articles.

Scanning for news and compiling clip reports can be a time-consuming process, particularly for ACs at agencies that use PC computers. Why, you ask? PCs don’t have a particularly user-friendly screen capture function.  I find the PC “Shift + PrtScn” command frustrating because you’re only able to take a screen grab of your entire screen. You have to spend valuable time cropping the image to isolate whatever you’re most interested in, which when you’re clipping articles is usually the outlet’s logo or an image with which your team supplied the writer.

Mac users, I’m sure, are familiar with the much more user-friendly “Command + Shift + 4” screen capture command that allows you to take a snapshot of a select area of your screen.

Well, PC users, I want to introduce you to a handy application that allows you to take a screen grab on a PC just like you can on a Mac. It’s called PicPick.

You can download PicPick for free, here. Once you have it installed, just click “Shift + PrtScn” like you ordinarily do to take a screen grab. Crosshairs will automatically pop up, and you’ll be able to select just some portion of your screen to capture. Once your image is in PicPick, you can easily resize, rotate, sharpen, or blur it… you can do any number of things. Also, what’s great is you can choose in which format you want to save your image, including: jpeg, gif, bmp or png.

I’ve already introduced one or two ACs here in the SHIFT NYC office to PicPick, and my guess is that if you ask them about the program, they’ll rave about it. They’ll say what a timesaver it is. Try it out for yourself and leave a comment here to let other Slice readers know how you like it.

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