Chatting with blogger-turned-PR pro, Donna Ho

By Katelyn Cross (@Kcross_) and Puneet Sandhu (@puneet86)

Everybody knows Donna Ho (@donnatho) as one of SHIFT NYC’s kick-ass Account Coordinators. But what most people don’t know is that before joining the world of PR, Donna was a fashion blogger. Yep, that’s right. She ventured into the big, exotic world of fashion writing before making a switch to “the dark side.”

As PR people, we’re always looking for feedback from our media contacts, and looking to find better ways to work with them. Now that we had a (former) media person in our midst, we decided to take advantage of her experience in journalism and blogging. We asked Donna a couple of quick questions about switching over, and her thoughts on what we could do better as PR professionals. Check out her answers in the video below, and share your own two cents in the comments!

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