Inside the SHIFT Studio: Justine Routhier



    1. Name: 

    Justine Routhier

    2. Hometown: 

    Andover, MA

    3. Where did you go to college: 

    Assumption College, Worcester, MA and no I didn’t make that college name up! 


4. How long have you worked at SHIFT:

Since October 2008 as an intern and was hired full time July 2009.

5. Use four words to describe yourself:

Vertically challenged, outgoing, loud and animated.

6. What made you enter the PR industry: 

I wanted to be a writer initially but also wanted to be involved in business so this was the perfect balance.

7. When you Google yourself, what’s the first thing that pops up: 

My Linked-In account

8. What blogs or Web sites do you read every day: 

Mashable, and NYT are my go to’s every morning, and obviously my Facebook newsfeed.

9. If there was a cocktail created just for you, what would you name it:

Just-Tini, served in a short glass.

10. Tell us something unexpected/surprising about you: 

I was named after Justine Bateman from the 80’s TV show, Family Ties.

11. What do you feel is your greatest personal success in PR thus far? 

Seeing my first lifestyle glossy piece of coverage in print. I loved seeing the product included in the gift guide, and eventually learning that it was a popular seller on the website for the client.

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