SHIFTers Share in Excitement with Latest ESOP News

By Rachel Huxley-Cohen


Todd couldn’t have said it better. SHIFT Communications has just been acquired by… its employees. By me. By my coworkers. We are all business owners and are sharing in a slice of SHIFT. The ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) was announced this morning and it proves that SHIFT will always be pushing the boundaries of traditional agency life. SHIFT continues to prove that, at the core, it’s an agency that values all of its employees – not just the senior management team. And that fact alone truly makes SHIFT a unique place to work. It is this values-based attitude that makes employees proud to be a part of the SHIFT family and we could not be more excited for this new chapter in the Company’s history. THANK YOU Jim and Todd – we couldn’t be happier to be in business with you both.

Below are some thoughts from SHIFT employees about the new ESOP and why agencies should be employee owned:

“Clients crave consistent and excellent performance, and that starts and ends with their individual teams. An employee-owned agency provides teams a larger sense of purpose and desire to stay long term, giving them even more incentive to excel and retain clients in year two and beyond. The client in turn can only feel more value coming from that commitment. It’s a virtuous cycle that becomes a win-win for everyone involved.” – Derek Lyons, Vice President

“The same reason any business should be employee-owned: you want those most passionate about the business to own a piece. Who personifies your business more than the hard working men and women coming in early and staying late each day? That said, this sort of program should never be expected – it needs to be earned.  Once an honor like this is placed on the staff, that same passion and hard work will come even further into play. Why? Because those employees are no longer just representing a brand they care about, they are owners representing THEIR Company. I’d say that is a pretty strong motivator.” – Matt Trocchio, Account Director

“Employees seem to be more invested in the company and therefore feel accountable and excited to do their part to better the firm and make it a great place to work.” – Courtney Mead, Account Director

“Employees are a reflection of their company, and in SHIFT’s case, the company is also a reflection of its employees – who are all such a key part of the personality it displays in everything it does. Letting those employees take an ACTUAL ownership stake in the place they’re already so proud of is a natural next step for SHIFT, and a unique display of loyalty and appreciation. Now, when thinking about the company, it’s even more obvious just how much you’re a part of that brand and strategy, and it pushes you to do everything in your power to help in succeed.” – John Cassillo, Account Executive

“Sometimes it can be difficult for junior members of a company to see the impact that their work has on an organization as a whole. With the ESOP, I think it’s clear to everyone how their work affects SHIFT, for better or worse, and that’s a great motivator.” – Alexandra Brooks, Account Executive

“It’s such a great feeling to work for a company that truly values the hard work its employees put in everyday, and the ESOP further demonstrates the confidence our employers have in each and every one of us to continue building upon the success SHIFT has achieved thus far. Talk about motivating!” – Leslie Grant, Account Executive

“Working for a PR firm that is privately owned, and now EMPLOYEE owned is empowering; it also means we can stay ballsy and creative.” – Karen DeVincent, Account Coordinator

“SHIFTers are very lucky to be a part of an agency that truly cares about its employees—so much so that we’ve all been made part owners of the company. This gives everyone a sense of ownership and I can see this helping with employee retention as well as a closer-knit culture. We’re already known as an agency with a kick-ass culture, and this will only better it and make us all more conscious of all aspects of the business.” – Berenise Solorio, Account Coordinator

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