SHIFTers Embody Favorite Turkey Day Foods


Ahh, the holiday season is upon us! Last year during Thanksgiving, SHIFTers shared what they were most thankful for – a list that spanned from family and friends, to the likes of Beyonce and… Crest White Strips? No matter what you’re thankful for this year, Thanksgiving is the time to spend with family, reflect on your blessings and – most important of all – relax and be merry! This year we decided to get a little wacky with our Thanksgiving post. See below to check out what Thanksgiving food SHIFTers embody: 

After my Thanksgiving meal, I am definitely the stuffing! – Danielle Mancano

I’m the cranberry sauce…because no one wants me at the table. – Matt Trocchio

I guess you could say I’m the Spaghettio’s because up until I was about 10 years old, that’s all I would eat at Thanksgiving! – Emily Wienberg

I’m the gravy, baby 😉 – Todd Defren

I would absolutely be mashed potatoes. I’m incredibly biased because they’ve been my favorite food since first grade (literally), but no Thanksgiving meal would be complete without them! – Kristi Eells

Pumpkin Pie! Classic, best for last, etc. – Sara Crumley

The wine, obviously! And because the party doesn’t get started until I show up 😉 – Katie Clark

For Thanksgiving, I would be the deviled eggs.  My family is located in Iowa and I haven’t made it back for Thanksgiving for the past 4 years.  In a family of four, the family is unbalanced when I’m gone and I tend to play the peacekeeper when I am present. My one commitment to cooking on Thanksgiving was always making the deviled eggs.  They are not the best item on the menu, but noticeably missed when gone.  My family likes to tell me the deviled eggs do not taste as good when others make them. – Emily Suchomel

Carrot casserole, sweet potatoes, anything orange – gotta represent that red hair! – Emily Adams

I’d be the Sambuca, because I bring the evening up a notch. (Don’t tell me mine is the only family that enjoys the soothing elements of Sambuca after a filling meal…) – Jennifer Usher

Sweet potatoes with that marshmallow topping, because sometimes it can seem like a gimmick on top of a gimmick. – Dave Levy

I’m dessert – my mom’s crumb top apple pie with a side of cannoli and tiramisu. I never loved the turkey growing up and I still look forward to the courses that come before the entree and, most of all, dessert. – Alicia Cerasuolo

What Thanksgiving food are YOU? 🙂

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