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The Real Winner of Super Bowl 2012: Social Media

By Dave Finn (@DFinn0711)

We all know how quickly social media has changed the way information is shared and consumed. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and all the rest transcend boundaries and are now used as key outlets for foreign governments, Major League Soccer teams, media publications, school districts and everything in between. Simply put, social media provides individuals and organizations a microphone that projects their voices across the globe.

The host committee of Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis is the latest example of an organization using social media to consolidate and project its voice and the information it has to share. Raidious, an Indy-based digital marketing firm, has put together a team to manage all Super Bowl-related social media activity. With at least 70,000 fans in town to watch Giants-Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday and thousands more in the area to enjoy Super Bowl Week festivities, the team’s mission was simple: get the important event information out efficiently.

This was Indianapolis’ first crack at hosting a Super Bowl – and as far as I know, Indy isn’t a popular tourist attraction – so it’s likely that most visitors to the city knew absolutely nothing about it.

That’s where the social media team came in.

In addition to monitoring key words and trends contained in the countless number of Super Bowl game-related tweets, the team used social media platforms to share parking, ticket, event and facility information as well as directions to restaurants and bars, complete with drink deals.

Downtown Indianapolis’ layout is very condensed, so traffic was a nightmare all week. But the social media team didn’t let that fall through the cracks. On Friday, @SuperBowl2012, the team’s official Twitter handle, responded to an Indianapolite (Indianapolan? Indianapoler?) complaining about the gridlock:

Because of the social media team’s efforts, visitors to the capitol of Indiana experienced one-stop shopping for all relevant logistical information – and that’s the key. This brand new effort by the Indianapolis host committee demonstrates social media’s ability to unify a variety of different information in one place. The people running Super Bowl XLVI’s festivities certainly had a lot to say, but social media platforms afforded them one voice with which to say it.

With so much to do and see for fans during Super Bowl Week, this new age task force did its best to minimize aggravation and maximize the enjoyment of one of America’s biggest spectacles. They did it by using social media.

By many accounts, Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis was a huge success. And to think we’ve barely talked about the football game.

Is This the Beginning of the End for CES?

By Katie Tully (@K_Tully)

The first CES was held in New York City in 1967 as a spin-off from the Chicago Music Show, which until then had served as the main event for exhibiting consumer electronics. Today, CES is one of the world’s most famous trade shows, featuring the top names in tech and innovation, even drawing in A-list celebrities.

So the question is: How did CES go from 17,500 attendees and 100 exhibitors to more than 153,000 attendees and 3,100 exhibitors?

The first thing to note is that CES has always managed to draw in the newest, fastest and most innovative technology; starting with the VCR in 1970, the camcorder in 1981, the XBOX in 2001 and the hottest tablets in 2011. This has been the key for CES’s outstanding growth – launching the top products that consumers are dying to get their hands on. The reality is that consumer electronics have become an integral part of our daily lives, ultimately providing some of the most interesting, exciting and compelling news.

When all this excitement is boiled down to one show every winter in Las Vegas, it’s almost unbelievable that celebrities haven’t always been on the top of the attendee list. Let’s be honest – just being in Vegas in January is enough to make you drop everything for a week, right?

So somewhere between compact discs and satellite radio, the attention expanded from tech experts and columnist to everyday people and famous names.  And when you have Justin Timberlake endorsing MySpace and Snooki live tweeting from the conference hall about her bedazzled line of headphones, it’s pretty difficult to avoid getting sucked in.

As we look ahead to CES in the future, many of us can’t help but wonder if it will turn into another SXSW where no stone is left unturned and the real focus of the show disappears in all the noise. Is CES becoming too big for its own good?

Maybe Apple’s refusal to attend has been the right move all along.

Why the Giants are going to win the Super Bowl

Giants Will Win Fourth Super Bowl in Franchise History

Eli Manning

After four straight convincing wins, the New York Giants are in the NFC Championship Game. And of the four teams still alive in the NFL playoffs, they have the best chance to win Super Bowl XLVI.

It’s easy to forget that on December 18, they were 7-7 and had just gotten embarrassed at home by the last place Washington Redskins. Statistically, the Giants were near the bottom of the league in total defense and were last in the NFL in rushing. With two games left on the schedule, their postseason hopes were on life support.

Yet in only a month’s time, the Giants have not only turned into the sport’s hottest team, but they have become the most balanced team in the league. Led by Pro Bowl quarterback Eli Manning and receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks, the aerial attack is still as dangerous as it’s been all year, but the late-season emergence of a disciplined defense with the NFL’s best pass rush and an effective running game has been the difference between missing the playoffs and contending for a championship.

On offense, the Giants are simply difficult to defend. When they come out in three-receiver sets with Cruz, Nicks, and Mario Manningham, they can throw the ball down the field or keep it on the ground with Ahmad Bradshaw or Brandon Jacobs, which opens up play action. In theory, the Giants can execute a full gameplan using one formation, making it tough for defenders to know what’s coming.

Flip to the other side of the ball, and the Giants can do what most teams in the NFL can’t – they get to the quarterback with only a four-man rush. At times, they can get pressure with Jason Pierre-Paul, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora and Mathias Kiwanuka and don’t have to send linebackers and defensive backs on blitzes. That means opposing quarterbacks have only a few seconds to throw the ball – into full coverage – before the pass rush gets there. Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, the probable MVP, can tell you that’s hard to do.

The Giants have peaked at the right time, are versatile enough to win any type of football game, and have an elite quarterback in Manning, who set an NFL record this season with 15 fourth-quarter touchdown passes. Sorry San Francisco and Boston (and SHIFT-less Baltimore), but it’s the Giants’ Super Bowl title to lose. 

Super Bowl 46

Facebook Timeline Launches: Four tips to keep personal information private

By Marlesse Marino (@marlesse)

It is official folks, Facebook Timeline is here! Instead of a seeing a disjointed list of wall comments, status updates, mobile uploads and Farmville requests, the new Timeline displays an organized and visually interactive story of your Facebook life dating back to when you first signed up with the social networking site.

Facebook users will also have access to a new tool called Activity Log. According to a blog post by the Timeline team, “your activity log is a place where you can review all your posts and activity, from today back to when you first started using Facebook. Only you can see your activity log.”

Along with the awesome new interface (it’s seriously beautiful, check it out here if your profile hasn’t updated yet), comes a potentially not-so-awesome new way to expose parts of your life that you never intended to share with your employers, clients and my personal nightmare – FAMILY MEMBERS. In a September post, former Mashable editor-at-large, Ben Parr went so far as to state that Facebook Timeline was assisting in euthanizing the concept of privacy.

According to the Facebook blog, “Timeline gives you an easy way to rediscover the things you shared, and collect your most important moments.” While this sounds poignant, there are certain “important moments” on Facebook that I would appreciate that no one “rediscovers.”

With Timeline making it easier than ever to find out what your best friend ate for lunch two years ago, or for others to find out what you wore on Halloween as a college freshman (Cave Girl – don’t judge), I thought it would be pretty useful to provide a refresher on Facebook privacy and the perils of over-sharing on the Internet.

1. Update your privacy settings: Since Timeline shows everything you’ve posted in a single view, it provides easy, scrollable access to your past Facebook blunders. Although Facebook Timeline is rolling out today, you have a seven-day review period to go through your profile and hide or delete unwanted posts, so take advantage. Facebook offers security and privacy tools for a reason – use them!

(Photo courtesy of

2. Be mindful of who you talk to online: The old saying, “stranger danger” is definitely applicable to people you talk to on Facebook or any social networking tool, not just the weirdos in vans with tinted windows advertising free candy. Take for example, this story by New York Times Bits blogger, Nick Bilton. After receiving a comment from a user on Instagram, Nick goes on a 10-minute stalking session on Google which culminates with him finding the full name, phone number, home address and place of employment of a person who commented on a few of his Instagram photos. You would think that writer for The New York Times won’t hunt down your personal address for fun, right? If you did, read Nick’s article proving you very wrong.

3. Discriminate when deciding to share information:  There are tons of Facebook applications out there, so be cautious when allowing anything to access yours and your friends’ personal information on Facebook. For an extreme example of the amount of information you share when you permit application access to your account, check out Take This Lollipop. Take This Lollipop is an interactive short video, which shows a deranged man in a windowless room looking at YOUR Facebook page. The site asks you to sign in with your Facebook login, takes information from your account and weaves it into the video. You get to watch a creepy man stroke pictures of you with his grimy hands, and then continue to stare in horror while he use Google Maps to find out where you live. This video terrified me to the point that I deleted every app that was on my account.

4. If you have to ask, don’t post: If you have to question whether something is inappropriate, don’t post it. It probably is, so just tell your friends in person. The Internet will not be at a loss if your potentially inappropriate comment doesn’t make it onto the World Wide Web. Even if your privacy settings are extremely limited, an error in the system can make that once-private comment available to everyone. Just last week, Facebook had a snag that exposed personal, private photos of many of its users, including Mark Zuckerberg. The glitch was fixed almost immediately, but the system was down for enough time for me to get the personal photo below of Zuckerberg hanging out with his girlfriend and his adorable dog below!


These tips boil down to one thing: Once you post something to the Internet, it’s there forever. Think twice before you hit enter, especially now that Timeline allows for even easier access to your private life.

What are your thoughts on Facebook Timeline? Do you think it puts an end to privacy? What steps are you taking to keep your personal information hidden?

Inside the SHIFT Studio: Danielle Mancano

  1. Name – Danielle Mancano
  2. Hometown – Aston, PA (Outside of Philadelphia)
  3. Where did you go to college? Undergrad: Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA Grad: Boston University, Boston, MA
  4. How long have you worked at SHIFT? 7 years
  5. Use four words to describe yourself: Needs a drink, badly!
  6. What made you enter the PR industry? I wanted a career where I could write, be creative, learn something new everyday, and interact with different people. At first, I was working for a local newspaper in southwest Virginia and then decided to move to PR.
  7. When you Google yourself, what’s the first thing that pops up? My Google+ or LinkedIn profile
  8. What blogs or Web sites do you ready everyday? Too many to count…PR Week, Twitter, Facebook, Venturebeat, TechCrunch and Mashable
  9. If there were a cocktail created just for you, what would you name it? “More fun after drinking” because well, it would create a lot of fun for you after drinking it.
  10. Tell us something unexpected/surprising about you: I won a dance scholarship when I was 14 to dance in LA for a summer with Paula Abdul—“Straight up now tell me!”

Chatting with blogger-turned-PR pro, Donna Ho

By Katelyn Cross (@Kcross_) and Puneet Sandhu (@puneet86)

Everybody knows Donna Ho (@donnatho) as one of SHIFT NYC’s kick-ass Account Coordinators. But what most people don’t know is that before joining the world of PR, Donna was a fashion blogger. Yep, that’s right. She ventured into the big, exotic world of fashion writing before making a switch to “the dark side.”

As PR people, we’re always looking for feedback from our media contacts, and looking to find better ways to work with them. Now that we had a (former) media person in our midst, we decided to take advantage of her experience in journalism and blogging. We asked Donna a couple of quick questions about switching over, and her thoughts on what we could do better as PR professionals. Check out her answers in the video below, and share your own two cents in the comments!


By Sarah Borup  (@SarahBorup)

The rumor is employee engagement is at an all-time low, but those of us at SHIFT likely wouldn’t agree.  In fact, we might scream out in protest.

Although I’ve only been here for about seven months, I’ve already had the opportunity to work out of each of our offices – Boston, New York City and San Francisco.  Looking around, it isn’t too difficult to see that 100 percent of my colleagues are motivated, abuzz with energy and loving life at SHIFT.  Since I couldn’t boil down the many reasons it’s great to work here, I opened up the floor to the entire Company.  As if we need any more reasons to SHIFT, here are a few additions (all about the people, the culture and the perks):THE PEOPLE

For me, it’s all about the people. I’ve been so fortunate to not only get an opportunity to work with some of the smartest and most creative people in the industry, but to also become friends with them. No, really – it’s true! I moved to Boston from Texas, and didn’t know a soul in the area. The SHIFTers from my office have become an incredible support network, both professionally and personally! It’s a priceless asset to have a work environment filled with people you respect and want to hang out with day after day. – Ciri Haugh (@chaugh)

I love the energy at SHIFT – from the first day I stepped in the office I was met with optimism, passion and enthusiasm for knowledge sharing! – Julie Staadecker (@jstaadecker)

Hands down… the people! We are a charismatic group and being surrounded by people who work hard and play hard make it worth it to come in every day. I know a lot of my friends aren’t as close with some of their coworkers or hang out with them outside of work, simply because they aren’t as awesome as us SHIFTers.  Also, I’ve never met a group of people who love horrible TV as much as I do.  – Justine Routhier (@jmassiello)

Speaking of TV – nowhere else will I find people as passionate about surprisingly underappreciated TV shows (The Walking Dead, anyone?) as I am. – Puneet Sandhu (@puneet86)

Cowboy Todd’s surprise appearances around the SF office. – Cathy Summers (@csumm)

Jim Joyal – ‘nuff said. – KT McGraw (@KTMcGraw_HIT)  (Linda Battaglia and Catherine Allen agreed.)


3pm stretch sessions, total request live music Fridays, impromptu pizza parties, razor scooters, SHIFT soccer/softball teams, great summer outing/holiday parties?  – Zach Servideo (@zachservideo)

We’re ballsy! – Erin Albright (@erinealbright)

Laughter every day – Lily Albin (@LilyAlbin)

Opportunities at every turn, A very clear career/growth path, belly laughs at every morning meeting, incredible talent everywhere you look, an environment that feels like home – Megan Lane (@BostonPRPro)

Lots of surprises, like Cuatro de Marcho when a Mexican beer cart went ‘round the office and celebration w/ mariachis and sombreros took place.  – Linda Battaglia (@LBattaglia)


What other company pays for you to try zip lining, in Honduras! Love Cultural Reimbursement and SHIFT! – Kristen Zukowski **SHIFT supports a healthy work-life balance and makes sure the life part is exciting by sponsoring an out-of-work activity of our choice.  Think concert tickets, sports games, plays, day trips. 

I got to use my cultural reimbursement to help get me to Bonnaroo. Seriously. Plus, since we have a NYC office, I shaved 4 hours off the marathon driving session by going down there to work before my trip. Not many companies could ever accommodate that, and it’s just another reason why SHIFT’s a special place. – Andrew Waber (@letspercolate

Ejector Seat Friday! I’m waiting for my moment and the anticipation is INSANE.  – Mallory Cloutier (@Mallory_C) **During the occasional Friday staff meeting, a name gets pulled out of a box and the chosen person is immediately ejected from the workday.  Tough life, huh?

Stocked Peapod cabinets, Ejector Seat Friday. There’s just too many for me. – Catherine Allen (@catherineallen) (Lily Albin is a fan of the 24/7 fully loaded cabinets and fridge as well.)