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Why the 49ers are going to win the Super Bowl

Vernon Davis

Harbaugh, Davis, Akers, Smith … just a few names prove the Niners will win the 2012 Super Bowl. We’ve seen all season a team of players – not to mention coach Harbaugh – that have the heart and drive to win. If you saw the Saints game there’s no questioning the team’s ability to take this Championship win home.

SHIFT S.F.’s VP, Cathy Summers, explains, “The glory days of Montana and Young were all about offense. The interesting difference with this 49ers team is that the defense is so strong. They will shut down the powerhouse offense of Manning et al, and then meet the Ravens for the first ever Har-bowl. And don’t count out the Alex Smith/Vernon Davis combo – look for the game changing (winning?) play when those two hook up.”

So watch out, New York (that includes you, John Casillo) as Aaron Heinrich – the fearless leader of SHIFT’s S.F. office – states, “the Niners are Giant killers” and we will take you down again on Sunday.

Check out this epic video highlighting the Niners win over the Saints!