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The Best PR Advice I’ve Ever Received

Between managing different clients, media relationships and now social media channels, PR can be a delicate balancing act and a crash course in how to be efficient while still keeping a smile on your face. We recently polled a few of the SHIFT-ers to see what the best PR advice they have ever received was  – check out their thoughts below!


“Act like a duck…stay calm, cool and collected on the surface (to clients, the media, team members, etc.) even if you’re paddling like crazy under water (i.e., drowning in work load, working with clients, etc.).” – KT McGraw


“‘Be authentic. That’s the only way you’ll sustain any success in this industry.’ – Geoff Livingston, the Principal of Livingston Communications at the time and my first internship. I’ve taken this advice to heart every day of my PR career. Geoff solidified in me that your moral code never needs to go out the window when you’re representing a client.” – Andrew Waber


“The best PR advice I ever received was also some pretty good life advice!  A former boss asked me to send her some information and I did, but neglected to include an upfront recommendation.  My boss started firing back questions until we both got to my own opinion about the information.  She then said ‘That’s what I was looking for!  Remember to take risks.  It’s OK if sometimes you make a mistake, but I want you to tell me what you think about something, what your opinion is, what’s your recommendation.  I’m paying you for your BRAIN, lady.’  To this day I think, my team mates and leads aren’t looking to me to be an administrative robot, they’re looking for my creativity, point of view and expertise – my BRAIN.  It’s something I think about whenever I’m writing a press release, crafting a pitch or taking part in a brainstorm.” – Amanda Guisbond


“PR is not brain surgery. When you get worked up about a deadline or stress about an error, just remember people’s lives in are not in our hands. Hiccups or challenges will work out, or it can wait until tomorrow. Breathe a little easier now.” – Ciri Haugh


“An AE once told me that a subject line should be no longer than eight words, because “it’s a ‘line’ for a reason. No one reads an email if the subject line is a novel.” – Sarah Bergeron


“Think of every way possible to make your client’s life easier. When you start thinking like this, the creativity just follows.” – Mallory Cloutier


“‘Go for it!’ – Sofiya Cabalquinto, at the time Media Relations Manager at the Boston Museum of Science. This was in relation to an admittedly wild idea I had for a promotion for an upcoming black holes exhibit. The result was the creation of a “Black Hole Burger” at the famous Eagle’s Deli in Brighton, MA that simulated the voracious (and eventually slowing) appetite of black holes and an event to debut the concoction. I drove the creation and much of the publicity for the event, which gave me some much appreciated on the ground experience.” – Andrew Waber


“I always come back to… ‘Always SMILE!’” – Erin Albright


What’s the best PR advice you have ever received? Let us know – we would love to hear your thoughts!

Marathon Monday – What are you going to do?

The 115th Boston Marathon will be held Monday, April 14th with 26,000 registered entrants from 90 countries and 50 states. They will tackle the 26.2 mile course to the Boylston Street finish line. Just as many (or more) spectators show up to cheer on  runners as they make their way through several Boston suburbs, up and over heartbreak hill and round the bend on to Boylston to sprint to the finish line.

Marathon Monday is also known as Patriots’ Day in Massachusetts and yes, it is a holiday, which means the Boston SHIFTers have Monday off. Many Boston SHIFTers either went to school in the area or have lived here for several years and have experienced Marathon Monday many times. Here is how a couple Boston SHIFTers plan to spend their Marathon Monday:

Amanda Grinavich, @agrinavich: “I plan on celebrating the marathon like I have the past four years, when I was at BU. Starting off the morning with breakfast and a mimosa or two and then heading over to Beacon Street to watch the runners and spend the day with friends. You certainly get to meet a lot of people that day.”

Erin Albright, @erinalbright: “This will be my second Marathon Monday in Boston. Last year I spent it studying (thank you grad school).  This year, fellow SHIFTer Jess Hoeler (@jhoeler) and I are going to have our first Marathon Monday experience together.”

Laura Christo, @laurachristo: “I’ve never run theMarathon (I’m not a runner at all!) but it is one of my favorite days of the year in Boston – the energy outside of everyone coming together to cheer on friends and strangers is a moving experience unique to this day. This year I plan to be outside on the route in Brookline with my cowbell and vuvuzela just like any other year – I wouldn’t miss it!”

Kate Binette, @katebinette: “Usually I’ll start the day hanging with friends. We’ll then head down to the marathon route and drink and cheer on the runners. One of the best things about watching the marathon when I was in college was running into EVERYONE you know. We’d park in one place for a bit and hang out with a few people, then move on down the route and run into more friends.  Marathon Monday also always included a trip to Uburger. Once the race is over and all the runners have dispersed, we usually hit a Kenmore-area bar like Cornwalls or Audubon. The picture below is of me and one of my friends jumping in as bandits (for about 20 feet)!”

SHIFTers: Better at PR Than Softball

June 7, 2008 — 11:28 AM EST — by Amanda GravelAdd a Comment

Tonight I attended my first SHIFT “Benchwarmers 2.0” softball game here in Brighton. The team had a great attitude the whole way through, even though the opposing team was made up of absolute beasts who had less than courteous sportsmanship. SHIFT played like the great team we are, and although we didn’t win the game, we all agreed that we “win at life.”

Check out the new Flickr and Facebook groups for Benchwarmers 2.0 photos and footage. As often as I’m able, I’ll be at the games tweeting, taking photos, getting video, making Utterz and probably trying out other new social technologies to capture the softball experience.

We may not be the greatest softball players in Boston, but we have fun.