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Last-Minute Votes for SXSW 2013 + 10 Events You Won’t Want To Miss

We’re sneaking up on the deadline to vote for the speakers and panels you want to see at next year’s SXSW Conference and Festival. As you may know, the always highly anticipated event, which takes place March 8-17, 2013, is made up of music, film and interactive presentations from the top creative and innovative individuals and brands in the world. There were approximately 3,200 speaking proposals submitted for the 2013 SXSW Interactive Festival (more than ever before). If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve pulled together 10 suggested individual and panel presentations featuring some of our clients here at SHIFT.

Disclosure: A few of these panels were submitted on behalf of the SHIFT team. If you like what you see, feel free to show some love and vote! PanelPicker voting closes September 4.

  • Appthority (solo): Co-Founder & President of Appthority, Domingo Guerra, will discuss how developers can best monetize mobile apps. Apps Behaving Badly – Developers Gone Wild
  • H&R Block (dual panel): H&R Block’s Social Media Director, Scott Gulbransen and Elasticity’s Aaron Perlut will join forces to share how a brand can become more relevant to a young, social consumer. How a Hairy, Sexy ‘Stache Made A Brand Relevant
  • Eloqua (panel): How do you measure the immeasurable? How do you quantify creative? A panel made up of speakers from Eloqua, Intel, TheNextWeb and Sevans Strategy will answer these questions for those social media and PR pros out there. How Do You Measure ‘Brand’?
  • Zoosk (panel): This panel, made up of speakers from Zoosk, BranchOut and StumbleUpon, will discuss their experiences building social networks focused around specific verticals such as romance, careers and discovery. Let’s Get Vertical: The Next Evolution in Social
  • (solo): Product and marketing veteran Chris Spanos will discuss ways that companies, especially those playing in the product and service industries, can keep their brand top of mind, even when they’re out of sight. Out of Sight, Top of Mind: Keep A Brand Relevant
  • Apperian (panel): This panel will discuss what is driving the “applification of business,” how it empowers employees and transforms the work environment. Applification of Business
  • Engauge (solo): This topic will explore what happens when the rise of “making things” combines with a manufacturing revolution. MIY – Make It Yourself
  • (solo): Chief Product Officer Doug Anderson of will discuss how anyone can use and monetize on technology to make a name for themselves as an independent and successful business. How tech slays Goliath: Meet today’s Davids
  • PacketVideo (core conversation): Led by Jerome Rota, who manages PacketVideo’s suite of consumer products (including myTwonky), this conversation will offer a platform for attendees to discuss how today’s technologies and social networks are fueling “social curation.” Web Content: Discover. Collect. Share. What Next?
  • Merchant Warehouse (dual): In this session, Henry Helgeson, co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse, and Andrew Boch, Head of Operations of LevelUp, will discuss the steps needed to push mobile payments into the mainstream. Pushing Mobile Payments Mainstream

SXSW: What I Learned Navigating Through Nerd-topia

By @rockegan

Every March for the past 20 years, movie buffs, music connoisseurs and tech nerds have taken over Austin, Texas. To some, the 20,000 extra people swarming the streets would be overwhelming. If you look past the lines, crowds and lack of sleep, however, you begin to realize that you are in a world where being called a “geek” or “nerd” is cool and everybody surrounding speaks the same language as you, and that language is Tech. What you experience for that week is nothing that you have ever experienced before or will ever experience again.

South By Southwest (SXSW) is focused on developing and expanding on innovative ideas for new products and services and because the main focus is technology, no two years are the same. With the rapidity at which the tech world advances, the things that were important this year may be considered archaic by next March.

According to the conference website, “SXSW’s original goal was to create an event that would act as a tool for creative people and the companies they work with to develop their careers, to bring together people from a wide area to meet and share ideas.”

Walking through the trade show in the Austin Convention Center, I stopped at booth after booth and asked for a quick pitch of whatever the company was marketing. Although I was somewhat overwhelmed, a lot of the things that people presented to me blew my mind. I kept finding myself thinking, “Oh my gosh, Client X would love this!” or “This would be totally great for Client Y’s next launch party.”

As I pushed my way through the crowds, waited in endless lines for free food (like’s bacon truck where I tried pickles wrapped in bacon) and did my best to meet all the people around me at any given time I realized something. Even though just about every single booth had some sort of swag, the companies that did the best with regards to being noticed were those that really knew how to reach their demographics. Sure, they may have handed out a sticker or a pin (or five), but what really caught my attention was when a representative from the company would ask me a question and alter their sales pitch to cater to my specific interests/needs.

Even though I flew back to San Francisco with a severe lack of sleep, three new canvas bags for my groceries, a foldable water bottle for my purse and about 23 branded t-shirts (why do they even make SXSW shirts to sell? If you just walk into the Convention Center you get a lifetime’s supply for free!), some of the companies I remember most (even just two days out) are the ones that I walked away from with only a business card and a handshake.

Check out the slide show to see some of the pictures I snapped while making my way through the streets of Austin:

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